Established in March 2020.

BLOCK MENUE, a subsidiary brand of Le Venue Dinings Sdn Bhd Group was founded in March 2020, just a year after LE VENUE was opened in 2019. The brand was created to introduce fuss-free cooking at home which came in handy for a lot of people being stuck at home during the lockdown. 


BLOCK MENUE started with a couple of soups and pasta sauces in March 2020. In only a year, the brand now stores over 100 of food products available for purchase online. All of the food products are prepared with good hygiene and safely packed in BPA-free (non chemical) and heat resistant nylon bags. Chef Petr’s food recipe contains no MSG, preservatives, flour, corn starch, chicken stock and more. All food products are vacuum sealed and stored frozen which can be kept up to 12 months or more. 


It only takes you minutes to prepare BLOCK MENUE’s ready-to-eat food. Simply remove the packed food out from the freezer, dunk it in a pot of hot water and boil according to the indicated time. To serve, all you need is a pair of scissors to cut the bag open and plate. Say goodbye to heavy cleaning in the kitchen after a satisfying meal at home.


BLOCK MENUE currently delivers to all states in Peninsular Malaysia.